So.. thinking about just not doing this anymore … or maybe start from scratch? Do people still play PC Minecraft or is it all just on the console now?

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Well, hello there…

It has been a few years and things change .. lots of changes. However, looks like we’ll finally be bringing this back online, again.  Once the new Minecraft update is out, that allows for complete cross-platform play.  We’ll create the server again and see about bring the Worlds back online.

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We’ll be back soon… :)

So yeah, we’ll be back soon … might take a little time .. but we’ll be back. 🙂

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and we’re updated now…

We should be all updated now, had a little issues with the Home spawn stuff… but should be good now.


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and we’re updated to 1.5 now…

and we’re updated to 1.5 now… enjoy ..


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Minecraft 1.5

We have not updated the server to 1.5 yet, as we’re waiting for the 1.5 Bukkit update.


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And we’re back…

The server is back online.. please watch this video to learn how to play on our server.

This will explain how to claim land to build.  You start off with 400 blocks, the longer you play the more blocks you earn.

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very, very, very soon

very, very, very soon

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Soon… very soon…

Soon… very soon… we’ll be back online… roughly 10 days.



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So.. a little behind…

OK .. we know we’re a little behind, actually very far behind on bringing the server back online.  We have everything saved. However, with the latest 1.4.4 updates we’re just waiting for the plugins to get updated. Then we should be back online. I would think within the next 10 days …maybe…

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