Two Week Warning

I wanted to take this time to announce a two week warning. We will be taking the server down in two weeks to begin the rebuilding process. If you want your structures saved, you will need to mark them with signs or else they wont get moved.

The current time table will be around two weeks of downtime before the server is back up. It could take longer depending on how many structures there are. We are also going to be changing some of the plug-ins we use to prevent griefing. I won’t comment on what they are, but I will assure that we will try to test them during this down time.

I have been asked a lot of questions lately like whether teleport or promotions are going to be made? During this server downtime, we will address these and other questions. If you have questions that you think we should address, please fill free to comment on this post. Please keep them clean and relevant to the server. We want to make the as fun as possible.

Play Nice and Have fun,


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