Status of our Minecraft Server

I have recently gotten some comment feedback on our server. I want to formally announce  for the last time that the server while up is whitelist only. If you don’t know what that is, I will explain.

When you set a server up like this, it means that only specific people have access to the server. The obvious question is why. We are in the process of redoing our server. This process involves using a new map to generate the newer additions since the last few Minecraft updates. We announced this numerous times on both this site and the message of the day. We will be redoing the experience for all of our players so they can have and even more enjoyable time.

This process takes some time to do. Mainly because we want to also bring over some of the structures that were on our servers. Now I am not talking about your house or stuff like that. I am talking about artwork that was built from various people. We will also be providing a better spawn point experience so you can navigate better.

In my previous post I talked about a new plug-in. This plug-in will prevent griefing and you should all take the time to use the like I provided and watch the videos. There have been other things discussed, but I won’t share them now. We had announced that it would be open in around 2 weeks, but I believe it may take a little longer. Once we bring it back up for everyone we will announce it.

So if you think you were banned recently because you can’t get on, just know now that it is not the case. A lot of other accounts have been banned in the past, and those will also be restored. So please stop commenting about being banned.


Thank you,


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