The server will be down for a few weeks starting this Saturday(09/29/2012).  It will be in “Whitelist” mode. We will be going in and saving certain existing areas and things that people have built. We’ll be adding new permissions and rules to make things easier for players to create things and to allow for better grief protection.

These updates should make things more fun on the server. We are planning for about two weeks of “updating”.  This is an estimated two weeks, it might take a little longer, but we hope not.

You can leave comments on this post, if you want, please don’t ask “when can I get back on?”…. You’ll just have to check everyday to see if you can.

If you have been banned, you’ll be able to get back on and build.  As we’ll be removing all bans on players.


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Two Week Warning

I wanted to take this time to announce a two week warning. We will be taking the server down in two weeks to begin the rebuilding process. If you want your structures saved, you will need to mark them with signs or else they wont get moved.

The current time table will be around two weeks of downtime before the server is back up. It could take longer depending on how many structures there are. We are also going to be changing some of the plug-ins we use to prevent griefing. I won’t comment on what they are, but I will assure that we will try to test them during this down time.

I have been asked a lot of questions lately like whether teleport or promotions are going to be made? During this server downtime, we will address these and other questions. If you have questions that you think we should address, please fill free to comment on this post. Please keep them clean and relevant to the server. We want to make the as fun as possible.

Play Nice and Have fun,


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major update and changes… a long read.. but do it..

ok… so now that we’ve had some time to figure out a good direction, and yes, we’ve been watching and taking notes about what people like to do on the server and how they interact with other people’s stuff and how they build. And, now that Bukkit appears to be in close lockstep with minecraft updates.

We can start putting more things in place. Mainly, allowing people to have “towns”, yeah, we’re going to put Towny in place. Also, we’ve noticed people are having a hard time of finding out “what do I do? How can I build, type of questions”. So we’re going to streamline that process, fewer rules, and let people, or teams of people moderator themselves. Going to setup a “PvP” area–not a big fan of this, but I guess people like to just have “battles”. This part will come a little later, we’ll add some stuff so you can have weapons, and protective options.

THIS IS THE IMPORTANT PART —- all the server maps will be reset—yes this means all new worlds. We will be removing all the worlds and starting from scratch. This is so we can get the new “biomes”. Some of the worlds have been around for 1.5 years and have been upgraded, but regions have not been regenerated to allow for the “new” stuff. SOOOO… this mean you will need to tell us if you have something you’d like to have saved. Now, here’s what this means, even if you tell us, we’ll evaluate what area needs to be saved, you will need to place a box around in the ground of the area you want to have saved, we have some guidelines that we’ll use just for that process. Basically, if you have an area that looks cool–to us, it’ll be saved. Just because you spent some time on it doesn’t mean anything to us, I know some people will get pissed that we didn’t save the one or two hours of work you did. It can be redone and be protected better later on. The reason we’ll be saving some of the things people have done is to show off in the new World.

You need to leave a comment to this article and tell us where your stuff is, if we do save your stuff, we’ll let you know in the game by leaving something unique that tells you we have saved it. If you add something after we have saved the item, we *might* save it again. But, it has to be something really cool that you did.

We’ll be doing this process over the next 30 or 40 days. This will give people time to tell use about what they want saved and for us to save it.

You’ll see notices on the server when you login telling you to visit the website and read this article.

As we get closer to the world reset, we’ll post notices when you login giving you more details. Once we reset the worlds, we’ll put the server in “whitelist” mode, this will give us time to get things set back up and do some testing.

Also, if you have been banned for any reason, this will all be reset, so you’ll be able to play again.


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ok you sheep nazi!

been a few months since the last post so read… been watching what people do on the server and having fun playing along with all you little griefers, who I guess are getting extra credit for the youtube posts.  Neato! btw, we do have rollback and all that good stuff, but we don’t really care, well not yet at least.  And, yeah some days you guys piss us off and others, we just don’t care, mostly *we just don’t care*.  However, with the 1.3 update coming out real soon, we’re thinking about caring.  So you can go ahead and post on the griefing forums about how much of a “jerk” I am, one again, I don’t care.  All you guys really do is piss off the people who actually want to build something cool, and some people do build some really, really cool stuff.  Others just come along and fuck it up.  So go ahead and ruin it for everyone, I guess it is really hard to place lava on stuff, and water…hmm tough!  So until 1.3 comes out, we’ll look at it in two ways, either be cool and build something really, really cool, or just don’t get on the server.  Why be that douche bag??

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And we’re back up and running…..

And we’re back up and running… got the server back up and running around 10pm last night.  Things appear to be loading faster.


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and we’re down….for updates

and we’re down….for updates…. changing the server around a little… the server worlds and plugins take up around 4gb of space, and they had been running on a ramdisk of 4gb.  so we’re out of space. Had been running on a ramdisk for performance reasons the last year or so.  this is no longer the case, but we never switched things around.  I guess we’re going to fix this. 🙂 Should be back and running in the next 30 hours or so—why that long, well I have other things to do. 😛


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Another Poster

Most of you know me on the server as MeGaZiPP. I just thought I would take the time to let you all know that I will also be posting things related to Minecraft or our servers. I am not sure how often I will be posting as I am busy with mobile development projects, but I will try to put some stuff together once in a while.

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