• Please No griefing.
  • Please Respect other players.
  • Respect all Admins/Mods etc..
  • No spamming the chat
  • Respect the buildings of others.
  • No advertising other servers.
  • Always ask to get your creations protected.
  • Do not steal.
  • Do not use X-ray mod or x-ray texture packs, you can use flying mods, but no “destruction” style mods, example: ones that allow huge block removals.
  • No traps.
  • No Warps/buildings that will result in death UNLESS stated.
  • Do not write in caps.
  • Do not build holes that lead outside the “world”, i.e. a trap hole—this will get you banned.
  • Do not just “randomly” dig around, or remove random blocks, this will get your banned.
  • Do not just randomly attack other players, this will get your banned.
  • Do not make devices or traps that will spawn eggs, for example devices using RedStone that will activate a Dispenser that contain Mobs/whatever. This will get you banned.

If you are banned, we might “unban” you later on, but no guarantees on this rule being changed.  Just assume if for some reason you are banned, it’ll be for life on this server.

Please do not “keep” asking to be a “Mod/Admin/Op or whatever” on the server, this will get you banned for “bugging” the people that are “Mod/Admin/Op”.  If we say “no”, just live with it.

And, do not ask us why you can’t be a “Mod/Admin/Op” this will be a good reason to Ban you.

From time-to-time we do monitor the Worlds for people doing “griefing” and other strange stuff.  We try to give players a “three strikes you’re out” type of deal, but sometimes we just don’t care and will Ban you.

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